Rim Cud / Broken Die Fault

This is a coinage error that’s created when a die (used to strike a coin) is missing a piece near the rim.  With most of the below coins we have seen these faults start with a die crack along the design of the coins where the coin die has started to wear and crack.  Occasionally these cracks can cause part of the die to break off leaving a blob of metal on the coin.  We need to note that the coin is still the same weight and does not contain extra metal.

Below is a list of what had been found so far if you have something different and would like it included here please contact me via https://www.facebook.com/NZCoinErrors with high res photos if possible.  Please also include any other information you have about the coin as to where it was found and if more than one example was discovered.



Discovered in March 2024 by Pieter Hoek




Discovered in 2023 by Pieter Hoek