Torn Robe Die cracks




Torn Robe Die cracks



Die Crack from Tail to Branch


Die Crack Through I of Sixpence


Die Crack on Queen


Small High 3 compared to even Date



Broken Wing

Type 1

A small area of the Huia’s (Birds) wing is missing

Type 2

A larger area of the Huia’s (Birds) wing is missing

Close up Comparison

Type 3

This is a not from the same die as the faults above and does also happen on at least one other year of NZ Sixpences.  A weaker strike or partially filled die resulting in the lack of detail on some coins.

Kevin Mills always always told to look out for this fault every time I visited him to collect items purchased online.  Sadly he did not have an example to show me and I have only now come across multiple examples to photograph but I am sure he would be happy to see it listed here.

New Die used in 1965?

Was a different reverse die used in 1965 as all coins seem to have this dot or has it appeared on other sixpences