Below is a list of what had been found so far if you have something different and would like it included here please email new@coinerrors.co.nz with high res photos if possible.  Please also include any other information you have about the coin and if you have found multiples of the error to help us confirm if it is a one off flaw or not 

 1. Goiter (Adams Apple)

Type 1

Type 2

The Gotire errors are currently listed in the John Bertrand New Zealand Coin & Banknote Catalogue at and UNC value of $50.


2. Goatee

While sorting through rolls of 2010 coins we recently noticed multiple coins that contain the goatee error but also have and error similar to the 1999 oil filled die 5 cent.  The bottom of the Queens portrait progressively gets worse with a thin layer of metal missing.

Also when the above error occurred it looks like a bit of metal got stuck in the press as we have a few coins all showing signs of this of the bottom of the queens portrait

3. Goatee + D of Dollar

The harder to find (for me anyway) double error

4. Mole on Cheek

Also been called the Crying Queen this error also normally shows a depression above IRB that later becomes Error 5

5. Mole on cheek + IRB Error

6. Cud on bridge of nose and lip piercing

Small spike cud from her bottom lip and cud on bridge of nose

7. Error right fern (raised)

Type 1

Type 2

8. Large Die Crack

Fantastic clear to see die crack metal does not appear raised to the rim like the error above

Large Die Crack possibly creating this planchet fault

9.  Cud on IRB and Outline of letters in Dollar

This is a different error than #5 and so far every example has an error on the letters of Dollar also has the very common kiwi beak to rim die crack

(further study is needed on Dollar as some other coins appear to show similar variety)

The Cud progressively got larger

 10.  Massive Cud on the Reverse

11. Similar Die Crack to #7 with die crack on the right fern but also has many other crack

12.  Cud on Kiwis Back

13.  Lots of Die Cracks on Reverse


Miscellaneous (one off) Faults


Off Center

Lamination Fault

Also see the lamination faults section under errors

Filled Die