Die Cracks


#2 Torn Robe Die Crack.


Broken Back


Broken Back

Extra Ribbon in Hair

I believe this is caused but a die clash as this line matches up perfectly to the gap between the warriors arm and back


Planchet Fault H of The


No Horizon Variety

The no horizon variety is when the small line behind the Maori warrior disappears.   But worth noting is that another small line appears from the shin of his left leg.

 After doing some more research we can see that the small line that appears from the shin of the leg is a die clash from the Queens neck

The 3rd picture shows the Reverse “queen side” overlaid on the Obverse


Double Die Date

addition metal lines around the numbers

Lines from warriors back

Two lines the the warriors back to his right arm

Die Rotation error of 3

Photos to come


Die Variety 1

Lines from shin to ground (similar to the error on the 1962 no horizon error) also lines from warriors back to arm (similar to a 1963 error coin).

Die Cracks

1. Die Cracks from Obverse B to Rim T-H & Reverse Z-E  & D

Photos and Fault provided by Don McKenzie

 2. B to rim & T-H

Photos and Fault provided by Don McKenzie

3.  Obverse ND to Rim & BET to rim & H

Photos and Fault provided by Don McKenzie


 Broken Back

Die Crack on back foot and toes

This coin also has faint lines from the warriors back to right arm