NZ Catalogued Varieties & Faults


1961 Broken Neck



1945 Burnished

1956 Strapless


1956 Strapless

1957 86 Dots Obverse



1957 Strapless

1965 Broken Wing

Type 1

A small area of the Huia’s (Birds) wing is missing

Type 2

A larger area of the Huia’s (Birds) wing is missing

Close up Comparison



1942 Broken Back

1958 Broken Back

1962 No Horizon Variety

The no horizon variety is when the small line behind the Maori warrior disappears.   But worth noting is that another small line appears from the shin of his left leg.

1965 Broken Back


Flat Back Kiwi


Half Crown

1950 Near / Far Diamond


Two Cent

1967 Bahamas Mule


Five Cent

1967 Missing Tail

1967 No Sea to right

1968 Missing Sea error in sets.

Photos of what I think is the progression of this error only found in 1968 sets.  Interesting to see the seagull gets smaller from photos 1-3

1999 Wart Nose

Type 1 A

For now this is type 1 and shows a large metal cud on the Queens nose also smaller cuds on a number of letters on the obverse

Type 1 B

Type 2 sees all the cuds getting bigger with the addition of two lines out of the hair and Queens neck


Ten Cent

2004 Double Rim / 10 cent with $1 Obverse Mule

As per article in the Royal Numismatic Society of NZ Journal Number 95 – December 2015

What to look for when searching for this Mule


Twenty Cent

1967 Dot After Elizabeth II

1976 Die Shift / Doubled Die

2014 Die Varieties


Fifty Cent

1967 Dot Over 1

1984 Sets & 1988 Circulating Missing Rope Varieties

1994 Bi Metal Design

One Dollar

1969 No Hyphen




2008 Butterfly Lips + Adams Apple

2010 Goiter (Adams Apple)

Type 1

Type 2

The Gotire errors are currently listed in the John Bertrand N

Two Dollar

1993 Kingfisher