2014 20c Die Varieties

An exciting new discovery was made this year by Brian Forster published in the Numismatic Society of Auckland Mintmark June 2016, no. 381. In that article it was discovered that two different die varieties exist in circulation for the 2014 20 cent coin.  Type 1 appears to the be the previous design used in 2006 and 2008 and the other Type 2 has newer reworked dies also found on the 2014 10 and 50 cent coins.  This is a very noticeable difference and easy to spot while looking without a magnifying glass.

This is a significant discovery as New Zealand has not seen a denomination with two different die versions found in circulating issues in a single year since the shoulder strap / strapless changes in 1956 /57.

Type 1 Wide Date

This is the same type of die used in 2006 and 2008 20 cent coins


Type 2 Narrow Date

Reworked Dies showing more detail in the Queens hair and the carving of Pukaki




Currently the Type 1 wider date has been the hardest to find.  Numbers so far (and will be updated as I go) but could change as not all the 2014 20 cent coins have been released into circulation yet. Also it is possible that large number from the same batch have ended up in the same place so this may not be accurate until we know more.

Circulated coins searched 9000

Number of 2014 coins 1515

Number of Type 1 variety 33 (2.24% of 2014 coins checked)