5 Cent

More information on the 5 cent coin varieties in the NZ Numismatic Journal No 87 March 2008  available from the royal numismatic society of NZ


1. Missing Tail Minor (Tail has very weak strike)

2. Missing Tail

3. No Sea to right

4. Forked Tail

5. Planchet Fault

Clipped Planchet

Off Center strikes provided by Lawrence

Metal Flaw


Missing Sea error in sets.

Photos of what I think is the progression of this error only found in 1968 sets.  Interesting to see the seagull gets smaller from photos 1-3


Filled Die


Circulating (left) and Set comparison

1971 Marked the first year New Zealand coinage was minted at two different mints with the General circulating coins minted at the Canberra Mint and the Non-Circulating (set) coins made at the Royal Mint Llantrisant.  As both mints seem to use different fonts styles for the numbers it made the circulating coins more sort after by collectors as to get uncirculated examples they could not just be cut from sets like the previous years.  Between 1972 and 1979 all coins were made at the one mint for both circulation and sets so this difference does not appear again until 1980.

Die crack through seagull

Photos provided by trademe user Chefman1


Photos provided by Paul B


Photos provided by Paul B


Photos provided by Paul B



Wrong Planchet

Die Cud on Queens shoulder

Die Cud on Queens shoulder

Die crack between II and Small Cud on the Tuatara’s nose Photos provided by Paul B


Field Damage


Circulating (left) and Set comparison


Die Cap

1. 2.837 Grams

2. 19.4mm – 1.4-1.6mm Thick – 2.777g

Splitting Planchet?

This coin and i almost put it in the scrap pile until I looked a little closer at the milled edge.  It appears the milling was missed just before this huge crack let me know what you think


Circulating (left) and Set comparison


Circulating (left) and Set comparison

Photos provided by Paul B

Missing date 1967-1982

Filled Die


Circulating (left) and Set comparison

Missing Waves

Broken Chin



Sneezing Queen


150th Anniversary Design


Die Clash

Ghost Queen


Dripping 5

1995 Queens Face Die Clash


Flannel Queen

Dripping 5

Coin also has a small cud on the Tuatara’s chin (more to come about this when I have time)


Ship on Horizon

Also faults on the all the letters known as thick legends.

Thick legends


Wart Nose

Type 1 A

For now this is type 1 and shows a large metal cud on the Queens nose also smaller cuds on a number of letters on the obverse

Type 1 B

Type 2 sees all the cuds getting bigger with the addition of two lines out of the hair and Queens neck

Type 2

Still investigating more but another die with different die faults and rotation has been notes

Dripping 5

Metal cuds on the 5

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Letter Cuds

This appears to be the same obverse as Dripping 5 Type 3 above but with a new reverse die

Rim Cuds

Multiple cuds on the reverse

Small Dot

Small Dot Between 1 & 9

1999 Queens Face Die Clash

The Die Clash on the 1999 5 cent looks different to the later years as multiple die pairings were not aligned correctly so has a slight rotation.  More examples could exist with different rotations

Older photos


Wart on Chin

Cud on Hair

Missing Detail on Tuatara’s back and Cud on 5

Cud on 5 Type 1

Cud on 5 Type 2

Die Crack under JB from Tail to Rim

These are the older photos set to be redone to show the full coin


Cud in Tuatara’s Mouth

2001 Queens Face Die Clash



Cud In Hairline

Dot Above Forehead

Dot Above Forehead + Filled J of JB

Filled J of JB

Shooting Seagull

old to be redone



Filled Die

2003 Queens Face Die Clash


Manhattan Die Clash



Also called shooting seagull on other years where a die crack line intersects with the seagull


A very small die crack from the Queens mouth

5th Scale Spike