2013 New Zealand $1 Coin Errors / Faults

Below is a list of what I have found and identified so far but there will most likely be more to follow and the numbering system could change as more variations of errors appear.


1. Queens Beauty Spot and Lower Lip

Type 1 – Start of Beauty Spot and lower lip cud

Lower Lip cud with convex imprint where the beauty spot appears later.  Many small hairline faults around the design of the Queen.  No major errors on the reverse

Type 2 – Beauty Spot and Lower Lip

Thanks echoriath on trademe for informing me about this die fault

Lower Lip and Beauty Spot cuds with multiple errors on the reverse.  Many small hairline faults around the design of the Queen.  It appears the reverse was reused on a later error but the obverse was changed

Type 3 – Beauty Spot only


2.  Type 1 Scar on Cheek

This seems to be the start of this fault that progressively got worse as the die continued to be used.

Type 2 Scar on Cheek & Wart chin (similar to previous years)

Type 3 Scar on Cheek + Wart chin + Cud under Queen


3.  Not sure what to call this its a total fail by the mint and looks like one of the most damaged dies I have seen used

Type 1

Type 2

This is a later progression of Type 1  with a cud forming from the die crack that appears on the Queens forehead and around the designers initials.  The Queen also has a larger spike from her chin.  The reverse seems not to have deteriorated anymore than type 1

4.  Wart under chin (similar to previous years)

Still looking into the two type below


5. Die Cracks from Queens Neck

Type 1A


Type 1B  Die Crack from Queens neck to rim & on fern behind kiwi

Photo to come

Type 1C  Die Crack from Queens neck to rim & on fern behind kiwi (similar to  2010/7)

Type 1C Missing date

Type 1D Queen Die Cracks

Die crack on Queens neck + Die crack through first A of Zealand to the Queens crown and to D of Zealand

Type 2


6 Cud on Lower fern

There is a mix of fern errors listed below and most appear to be different dies so they may be move if more are found

Type 1

Type 2

Large with Die cracks to the Kiwi’s back

Type 3

Extra large cud with smaller one to the right also thick die crack cud on the fern under the Kiwi’s beak


Type 4

Large cud close to the end of the fern (possibly unique as have only found 1)

7. Kiwi’s broken leg

Type 1

Fault on the Kiwi’s left leg (updated photos will be loaded when time permits)

Type 2

Fault on the Kiwi’s left leg and in the D of Dollar

Type 3

Wart under chin similar to previous years and fault on the Kiwi’s left leg and in the D of Dollar

8 Goiter Error

Type 1

Hard to see the doubling of the queen on this fault without photos

Type 2


9. Wart under chin and Goiter (Adams apple)

This error is a little confusing as all the smaller die marks suggest that this is a later progression of 2013-7 Type2 however the reverse is different

10. Another Multiple Fault coin

Similar to #3 above this die has multiple errors (but different smaller die markings)

11. Mark Under Queen

Type 1

Type 2 is a later progression with further cuds appearing


12. Large Cud on fern

Type 1

Found in October 2017.  Still unsure if this is an earlier progression of the Type 2 fault below as it seems to have different other cracks and die markings.  More examples or progressions of the fault need to be obtained so if you have one please send photos to coinerrorsnz@gmail.com

Type 2

These originally turned up in Tokoroa with a small number being found by a collector who quickly sent me one to photograph.  Since then more discoveries were made in Auckland, Dunedin and in Sept-Oct 2017 another small lot were found in the Nelson area.  Currently we estimate 50-75 known but as they are still being found this will likely increase

13. Large Cud on top fern

This error has proved significantly harder to find with only 2 known examples recorded.  Again if you find one let me know @ coinerrorsnz@gmail.com