$1 Coins (Circulating Size)

The following pages contain our first attempt to list $1 coin errors currently they are ordered as we found them for our collection however there are still many more to load and confirm.

1991 2002 2003 2004 2005 2008 2010 2013  2015 Missing Date

Major Errors

This is a list of the more well known obvious (in our opinion) errors on NZ $1 coins.

2002 Claw Cud

2002 Cud Above R

2004 Wart on Chin (Large)

2004 Double Error (wart on chin + Cud on queens hair)

2008 Wart on Chin

2008 Butterfly Lips with Adams apple (there are also some nice progressions of this error where the Queen looks like she is poking her tongue out

2010 Goitre (Adams Apple) – This coin is full of errors from small spikes to ruff dies

2010 Mole on Queens cheek

2010 Large Cud on fern

2013 Large Cud’s on ferns

We would love it if others would share errors with us that we have forgotten or have not been able to load yet. Please email photos and information to new@coinerrors.co.nz and we will load them as soon as possible